ECA Heat Policy

There are separate heat policies for the junior and senior sections of the ECA. Below is an extract of the junior policy, with senior policy available here. For up to date information on whether matches have been effected by adverse weather please check the ECA website ( or Twitter (@EasternCricket)

Junior Section Heat Policy


21.1  The Heat Policy is applied for player safety and the rules are non- discretionary. These rules are not to be ignored or varied by agreement or unilateral decision by team managers or umpires.
21.2  Where heat is an issue, temperatures are to be monitored by team managers. Umpires are to be advised immediately when the critical temperatures shown below are reached and play is to stop.
21.3  Temperatures are to be obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology weather app BOM Weather (obtainable from relevant app stores). The temperature to be used is for ‘Current location’ accessed using the drop down menu.
21.4  The Junior Executive, at its discretion, may declare play abandoned for the day where forecasts predict severely adverse weather conditions.

Morning Matches

21.5  Morning matches are matches played under rules 53 and 54 (Under 12A, B and C) and rules 58 and 59 (Junior Format).
21.6  No scheduled morning match will commence if the temperature has reached 32 degrees Celsius at or before 8:30am.
21.7  Play in any match must cease at any time the temperature reaches 36 degrees Celsius.

Evening Matches

21.12  Eveningmatchesarematchesplayedunderrules41and42(Under18/16), and rules 47 and 48 (Under 14).
21.13  No scheduled evening match will commence if the temperature has reached 36 degrees Celsius.
21.14  In the event of a change of conditions being imminent in an evening match, commencement or resumption of play may be delayed for a maximum of 60 minutes. If play does not commence or resume play is to be abandoned for the evening.


22.1  In the event of an active thunderstorm or electrical storm in the immediate vicinity of the ground, play is to cease immediately and all players and umpires are to find safe shelter without delay. (Safe shelters include cars or large substantial buildings with electric or telephone wiring and/or plumbing that provides a safe current to the ground. Players and others should not remain in open areas or take refuge beneath trees.)
22.2  Play should not resume less than 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.
22.3  The provisions of rule 22 are non-discretionary and may not be ignored or varied by agreement or unilateral decision by team managers or umpires.